Maximizing functionality while simplifying the layout has been the primary guiding principle throughout the design process of our platforms. Both the GHOST S1 and RAW S1 have been designed from the inside out, challenging the concept of an exosceletal chassie.


Through close interplay between enthusiasts, engineers and industrial designers LOUQE brings Scandinavian design and minimalism combined with raw performance and sustainability to the playing field


LOUQE is constantly aiming for the wow and the aha. We are not bounded by the conventional, we prefer innovation to copying. We want to surprise and drive the unexpected


Well put together, premium materials with precise finish is the formula for products that could last a life-time. The result is a high-end experience that should make the most demanding user proud


As a fully independent product developer we are involved in every step of the process. This gives us a unique possibility to act on input. We are listening closely in all social channels, collaborating and seeking end-user involvement