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    Are the Mk3 components compatible with Mk2?

    Yes, 100%.

    What is the max CPU cooler height that I can fit into the Ghost S1?

    One can fit CPU coolers up to 66mm of height.

    Can I put mini DTX motherboard in the Ghost S1 case?

    The case only supports mini ITX motherboards.

    How many 2.5” drives can I put inside the case?

    Three in total. Two in the disc tray below the PSU and one on the blade behind the PSU.

    Can I use standard ATX power supply in the Ghost S1?

    The Ghost S1 is a Small Form Factor [SFF] case and thus only supports SFX and SFX-L PSUs.

    Can I fit 2.5 slot wide GPUs into the Ghost S1 case?

    The Ghost S1 supports GPUs only up to 2.1 slot or 45mm wide.

    Can we use the latest AMD RX 5000 series GPUs with the included riser cable?

    Yes. With Mk3 unit we have included a Gen4 capable riser, while with Mk2 unit you need to change the motherboard PCIe BIOS setting from Gen4 [Auto] back to Gen3.

    I have the latest Gen4 capable hardware but I can’t find any Gen4 riser cables on the market?

    We have already designed, developed and produced a COBALT Gen4 riser cable for the Ghost S1, which will be appearing in Mk3 unit and will be available for separate purchase.

    I want to use more fans with my case, which config should I choose for air cooled build?

    Please use the exhaust config with additional case fans (creating negative pressure) in order to expel the hot air out of the case.

    Can I use two TopHats on the case at the same time?

    Yes. You can install tophats on both ends, top and bottom of the case, although not to be stacked on each other.

    Can I fit 140mm fans or 280mm rads into TopHats?

    The Ghost S1 and TopHats supports only up to 120mm fans or 240mm AIO rads.

    How do I fit Asetek 645LT AIO into the Ghost S1?

    Asetek 645LT 92mm AIO can be installed below the PSU with a help of one medium TopHat on the bottom of the case.

    Currently the Ghost S1 is being produced in batches, are there any differences between them?

    Yes. The Ghost S1 has and will continue to have improvement on each new batch as we learn, correct, improve and grow the platform in the years to come.